Cinnamon’s Soft Black Pussy Lips

Now this is what it is all about. Cinnamon has a bangin black body and there are some shots of her in here that will burn themselves into your memory for you to dream about on those lonely nights. Melt in your mouth type of pussy, thick and meaty lips, and the aroma will make your dick so hard you could use it to cut diamonds.

Cinnamon and Her Dildo

Cinnamon was a real adventurous chick. I gave her a dildo I was sure she was going to turn down due to its humongous size but she not only accepted it she also took it like a champ. I mean her tight wet pussy struggled but she was no quitter. She kept shoving it in there and stretching that pussy until she fit it all in. I was amazed and CUMpletely dumbfounded.

Cinnamon Loves Suprises

There's one thing this black beauty loves more than anything. And it's a facial! She loves the suprise of a squirt on her face and how warm it feels. She comes to the studio sometimes just to suck cock and get a creamy load onher face and this leaves her horny all day long… what she does with her man that night we'll never know. :)